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Tell Me About Your Song

Welcome to Tell Me About Your Song! In each episode, a songwriter talks about a song they wrote in depth. Enjoy!

Dec 24, 2016

In this episode of Tell Me About Your Song, Tracie Potochnik talks about her song 'The Ballad of Harvey the Elf', which can be found on her band Cardboard Ox's free album 'A Cardboard Ox Christmas'. This episode also includes excerpts from Tracie's conversations with her delightful parents, Ed and Judy Potochnik.

There were some audio problems during my interview with Tracie, which I didn't catch until after it was too late to rerecord. I apologize for the resulting audio quality of this episode (but I think it's still fun to listen to, and I hope you do too!).

You can hear the song in full, and download it for free, if desired, at .

A full transcript of this episode, along with links to things we talked about, can be found at .